Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -83.

What is spiritual dressings?
The form of restricting the light to a specific energy level is called dressing. To understand it better try to image a great actor that can play any character type. He dresses himself according to the character type he plays.

To act in different roles he needs to “dress” himself with what that role requires.
Another example would be a school teacher who teaches a first grade and has to dress himself in a first grader level. He cannot bring all his knowledge to the little kid without restriction. So before going to first grade class he reveals only the level of education that the child could grasp and learn.
When the teacher goes into fifth grade class it would be a different dress. Same teacher, different dress.

In spirituality it is similar but only on an energy level.
The Endless light bless be He dressed his light with the system of the 10 Sefirot in all dimensions and levels to allow us access to its light.

When you read “the light dressed in Chokmah” you know that the Endless light restricted his light in the type of light defined as Chokmah.
The vessel is its name and its essence expressed with the light shaped into the vessel. This is why Gematria or the numerical value of the name is an important tool to reveal the energy behind the vessels.
If it has a name it is a dress of the light that comes from the Endless Bless be He.

The Hebrew letters are the foundation vessels that when combined and expanded they reveal the light of the vessel and its purpose.
The name YHVH represents the whole creation as it came from the Endless. The Endless is a name without limits or borders. The numerical value for Endless אין סוף is 207 which is the same as for the word light אור.

There is nothing in existence but the light of the Endless.

The Endless fills up the whole existence in different dressings. The top of creation is Man which has the ability to create new dressings from his own light. Every word and every action create (or dress the light energy we have) new reality.

Please read this article again until you get it, it will be very helpful in understanding the process of life and how our words and the name of our actions transform into energy on our level.