The YHVH name appears 1820 times in the Torah.

(סוד  = Secret = 70) x (26 = יהוה) equal 1820

It means that the Secret of YHVH is equal to the number of times the name appears in the Torah.

The first word of the Torah = בראשית, ‘In the beginning’ is the seed/DNA of the entire Torah. Rabbi Shimon wrote 70 studies related to this word. The complete study is available on

יהוה = 26. The spelled value of the number 26 (עשרים שש) adds to 1820

עין+שין+ריש+יוד+מם+שין+שין = 1820

The first and last words of the blessing of the Kohanim = 1820

There are more secrets related to this special number that you can find here (Hebrew website):