This past Shabbat, we read the last portion of Genesis, and today we started a six week period that is called Shvavim שובבים (In a leap year, we add two more weeks). The name ‘Shovavim’ comes from the Torah portions’ initials at the beginning of Exodus. The Holy Ari reveals to us that during these 42 days, we can take back the sparks of light that we lost to the Klipa. We have more significant opportunities to cleanse our vessels, especially at the level of Yessod (Sexually related sins, and more). Yessod is the channel for all blessings.

What to do?
We try doing day fasting (dawn to nightfall) as many days as we can during this period.
Speech fasting is also of high value (the tongue has the aspect of Yessod of Malchut).
Make donations with a consciousness of atoning personal inequities that we aware or not aware of.
Study Daily Zohar, and Unity Zohar more than usual.
Read and listen to Tikun Haklali daily.
Some finish reading the book of Tehilim every week.
It’s not easy, but a good cleansing would open for us a larger channel for the Light of Yessod to manifest sustenance and success in everything we do.
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