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Author: Zion Nefesh

Introduction to the Idra Zuta

There are many parts of this article that may be difficult to understand for a person new to Kabbalah and the Zohar. But the more you repeat reading it it will be clearer and more important, it will be part of your soul.
The special event called Lag B’Omer or the thirty third day of the Omer is the death anniversary of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

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Introdução para o Idra Zuta

Há muitas partes deste artigo que pode ser difícil de entender para uma pessoa nova nos estudos da Cabalá e Zohar. Mas quanto mais você repetir a leitura mais clara será e o mais importante, ela vai fazer parte da sua alma. O evento especial chamado Lag B’Omer ou o trigésimo terceiro dia do Omer é o aniversário da morte de Rabi Shimon bar Yochai.

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The ultimate source of Light is now available at the speed of light.

Welcome to Daily Zohar.

At the dawn of a new day, as the first light appears over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a daily passage from the sacred Zohar will arrive in your inbox. This passage can be scanned or read in sixty seconds or less, just enough time to light the candle of the Zohar in your soul.

This project has been created for all of us-for every citizen

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Even in a concealment within a concealment, he is there

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