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Author: Zion Nefesh

Zohar Spark – 00002 – Shabbat Vayechi

For the honor of Shabbat Vayechi This Shabbat, we read the twelfth and last Parsha of Genesis, Vayechi. It has the aspect of Malchut of Keter. Vayechi is the shortest in Genesis, but it conceals a great Light. Because we are the...

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New meditation for the Hanukkah candles

Happy Hanukkah to all, We have a lot of good studies about Hanukkah linked on the Home page under the column ‘Holidays’. The more you study about this special holiday, the greater we are able to draw the Light of Ohr...

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Hoshana Raba – The final seal

Yom Kippur – Inner seal – Yessod, Zeir Anpin – aspect of Day Hoshana Raba – Outer Seal – Malchut – Aspect of Night. Before midnight, we read the entire book of Deuteronomy that is against...

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The Sukkah

The Shechina is the aspect of Sukkah. She protects us and spreads her wings like a mother over her children. The seventh is the aspect of the Shechina. The precepts of Sukkah are in the seventh month. On Shabbat that is the seventh day, we have the elevation to Binah and the Shechina is revealed. For that reason we bless on Friday night “הַפּוֹרֵס סֻכַּת שָׁלוֹם עָלֵינוּ”, “Blessed…that spreads Sukkah of peace on us..”

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Torah Reading – Exodus – Bo

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