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Category: Hebrew months

Month of Nisan – Chodesh Tov – Special study

Few words about this special month.
The Torah tells us that Nisan is the first month of the year and for that reason, the Kabbalists explain to us that the first 12 days of this month have a substantial impact on the entire year. Nissan has the aspect of Right and Chessed and begins six months of male energy until Rosh Hashanah. While Rosh Hashanah is a time of judgment, Nisan is a month of redemption and Chessed.

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Zohar Eicha – 9th of Av

Because we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple, we are not allowed to enjoy the study of the Torah. But we can study the causes of the destruction of our two holy temples. The 17th of Tammuz was a terrible day in the...

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Short and important guide for proper connection on Purim

This holiday is about disconnecting from the force of Amalek that brings doubts and death wherever it is allowed to enter. At Purim, we have the opportunity to tap into the highest level of Keter. The sages tell us that during the days of Mashiach, all holidays would be canceled, except Purim.

The essential spiritual connections that elevate us to the level that brings miracles are:

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The reading of Eicha

On the ninth of Av, we read the scroll of Eicha (Lamentation) on the night and in the morning. Text (PDF) at the bottom of this page. Free to download and share.

If one doesn’t have access to live reading, they can read from the text we provide here, and or watch and follow the Reading from the videos below.

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