This holiday is about disconnecting from the force of Amalek that brings doubts and death wherever it is allowed to enter. At Purim, we have the opportunity to tap into the highest level of Keter. The sages tell us that during the days of Mashiach, all holidays would be canceled, except Purim.

The essential spiritual connections that elevate us to the level that brings miracles are:

Giving Half-a-Shekel
If you missed giving Half-a-Shekel before the reading of the Megilah on Purim, you can do it until Rosh Chodesh Nisan.

We give Tzedaka to open the gates of Yessod and connect to life energy.

We share food (Mishloach Manot)  to be part of a big vessel, going beyond the desires for the self. Giving to two people or families is sufficient to fulfill the connection properly. It should have a food item that can be part of a meal, some pastry, or similar, to make a blessing of “… Bo’re minei Mezonot”. Preferably not dairy items because some or most people may have a meal with meat and won’t eat your gift of food.

We give gifts to the poor. We all have a soul that comes from the light, rich or poor. Giving to the poor allows us to continue to channel sustenance and blessings to others.

Listen to the reading of Megilat Esther (scroll of Esther). With the reading, we break the force of Amalek, remove death, and connect to life and miracles.
For your convenience, we have a link to a video of the Megillah reading by Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Brandwein ZT’L, who was the son of the Kabbalist, Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, ZT” L. We also added to this page a video of the Megilah reading by Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi שליט “א from Jerusalem.
We drink with the consciousness of disconnecting from the body’s desires and be joyous with the great Light of Purim. Wild parties and getting drunk to a state of vomiting and falling on the floor is a disconnection from the Light of Purim. Drink but not lose control.

Morning prayers and Torah reading. This is when we elevate our soul to Keter.

The meal of Purim.
We ‘lock’ the Light of Purim with a proper meal with bread and meat (if not vegetarian or with diet restrictions), followed by appropriate blessings of the food, Birkat Hamazon. It’s better to have the meal as early as possible after the morning prayers, before noon, to be in the frame of Chessed. There is a custom to eat more on the day of Purim.
There’s no meal connection in the evening of Purim, but there is a custom to eat dairy products because they come from a living animal. We avoid meat that we need to kill to eat, and it has an aspect of death, and we want to avoid that aspect until after reading the Megillah and destroying Haman.

Below the video is a high-level connection for our souls to the Light of Purim from the Holy Ari. Read or scan.