Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -109.

Tikkun #6 – continue

During the weekdays, the “externals”, which are negative energies from outside the holy system, can “suck” energy form the essence of Malchut. In Shabbat, First day of the month and holidays, Zeir Anpin and Malchut, elevates to supernal Father and Mother where the “externals” and the Klipot, do not have ability to connect.
The Malchut changes its state from closed to open to draw the higher energy and to continue it to the souls of the people with the connection to it.

The Final Redemption, which is Teshuvah, meaning “returning of ה” is when Malchut is in complete correction and elevated to Binah for the final time to have the identical “shape”, which is the letter ה and energy as supernal Mother, Binah. Zeir Anpin will become י to bring equality between the upper and lower.

The fifty gates of Binah will open as implied by the 50 times the Exodus ,יציאת מצרים, is mentioned in the Torah.