Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -146.

Tikkun #13 continue

In the foundations of the 4 letters name, YHVH, established the song, in the secret of Malchut with the light of Chokmah.

When the Malchut is going up, the four living creatures of the Holy Throne חיות המרכבה make a connection to the song and the YHVH. The Eagle, which is the central column take the י Y with his mouth and on top of his head, ו V in the body and הה HH with his wings. This is the secret of the Light of the soul level of Nefesh. Man that is the expanded 4 letters as יוד הא ואו הא, is the secret of the light of the soul in the level of Ruach and man is above the other living creatures of the Holy Throne.