Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -165.

Tikkun #15 continue

Everything that’s manifested in this world starts with the process that begins with the upper three Sefirot, meaning spiritual cause. Keter is the first thought that stems from the light force that created the world (of correction), Chokmah and Binah are the supernal Father and Mother that join together to provide the energy for the lower level.
The upper three are pure and at the holiest level.
Zeir Anpin is Holy and continues the process of manifestation.
The energy of the supernal flows through Zeir Anpin and as we discussed in Daily Zohar 164, all that is holy must be protected from negativity.

The man’s seeds are holy because they started their manifestation process with a thought that comes from supernal Father and Mother and continues through Zeir Anpin to Malchut.

If the seeds are spilled or spread out in impurity it brings negativity that causes delay in the manifestation of a holy connection between the man and his soul mate.

A married man has the obligation to provide for his wife to keep the flow of holy blessings from the supernal source. These blessings manifest in better material sustenance.

Similar to that is when we do the blessing over the bread we should not throw the leftover crumbs because they have holiness that came from the blessing.

And beyond that, Torah and Zohar revelations are holy and therefore should be treated as such. Share your studies with others to bring the blessings of it to your life. (Use Email, Facebook, Twitter etc..)