Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -259.

Tikkun 20
בראשית ברא אלהים

אלהים has the same letters as מי אלה.

As it says in Isaiah 40:26 “מי ברא אלה” “Lift up your eyes and see who created all these ”

Tikkun 21-1

אלהים created all these אלה.
מי has numerical value of 50 and is related to Binah that came out from the supernal head of Keter. אלה is 36 lights of creation and the two forces joined together to be אלהים, which is the force that created the world of Tikkun.

From the original thought of creation came out two heads (sources of light) and that is Chokmah and Binah of the original light. That created a second level of the ten Sefirot. The top three are Keter, the emanator, Chokmah, the thought and Binah, the planner and the provider. They are extensions of the original light and have affinity with it.

When the light of Binah extended it’s light below itself, it required a receiver or a vessel to hold that light. The vessel got broken because there was no experience of holding the light. That broken vessel ‘fell down’ and the light stayed ‘floating’ awaiting a new vessel to fill. That first light had the energy of giving and we call it Chessed חסד. It has the numerical value of 72.
The Holy Ari calls the process of the ‘pushing’ the light down from Binah, “Creating and Breaking of the vessels. Each dimension / Sefira formed a different aspect of the light that came down from Binah that is the supernal mother. The light was called “King” and the vessel to hold it was called Malchut.

The second king came down to a level that had experience of the light and a desire to rule came to be. That vessel, which is the desire to hold the light, was weak and broke under the awesome light that came from Binah. The created world now had more of the broken desires and these are called Klipot, a name that means ‘shells’. They had the experience of light and unfulfilled desire to hold the light.

The following “kings” couldn’t survive in a small “kingdom”. The eighth king came to a kingdom that is all desire and he could “live”.

The 7 weeks from Passover to the holiday of Shavuot, represent the building of the vessel from the first revelation of light on the full moon of the month of Nissan, Aries until the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. Each week includes the aspect of the correction of the vessel that broke in the process of creating our “Kingdom”, which is Malchut.