Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -169.

Tikkun #17

The energy that sustained Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was pure and unlimited.
After the sin the wheat received a covering that in order to eat it, man needed to work and remove the covering to reveal the pure wheat and convert it to energy.
That explains Genesis 3:19 “With your sweat you shall eat bread…”
This symbolize the process of “earning the light”, we have no more free food.
The work to remove the negativity from the pure creates light of Chassadim that reveals the light of Chokmah in our life.
The work is to unite the light and vessel by removing the negativity that was created in the original sin.
When a man unites with his wife, they should do it with holiness and remove the negativity of the evil inclination that attached to them by the Snake.
To achieve an elevated state and purify the seeds, they should focus on the light drawn by the sacred connection rather than on the physical desires and attraction. Especially when uniting to bring children to this world..