Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -170.

Tikkun 18

בראשית, is ברא-שית, which means “created six”. Those are the six levels of prophecy.
The prophets receive the prophecy through the levels of Netzach and Hod, which are represented by the two legs. Each has three parts and together makes 6.
The place of connection is Yessod that connects to Netzach and Hod.
יסוד is in Gematria 80,סו is 66 for the 60 wheels that surround the Holy Throne and the 6 steps to it.
יד is 14, meaning hand; with 3 parts on each hand together we have 6 and each of them include 10 Sefirot so, the two hands count as 60. The 4 fingers in the palm have 3 parts and the thumb has two parts to count as 14 as representation of the whole hand.

Hosea 12:11 “…by the hand of the prophets I will bring visions”.
Our hands are like channels for the force of creation and the creator. This is our world and God provided a system.

The prophets can see beyond our level Malchut, and above Yessod. A tzadik connects to Yessod and draws the light and the ability to see above the material world. A prophet is on a higher level and connects to Netzach and Hod where the visions are clearer.

Moses was at the level of the Sefira of Da’at, which is above Zeir Anpin and that gave him the ability to talk to God face to face.

For us, the dwellers in the darkness of Malchut, we have the choice to elevate our self spiritually and be able to sense what’s good and bad for us or stay down and stumble in the dark.