Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -180.

Tikkun 18 Continue

The written Torah is central column, Zeir Anpin, given from Chokmah of the right column.
The oral Torah is the dwelling of the Shechina, and also the aspect of the righteous.
Word and circumcision are the same in Hebrew ,מילה, mouth is פה and both have the same numerical value of 85.

The hand that writes, that is the channel is from Binah, the written Torah is Zeir Anpin and when we express it out we seal its energy.
When we see with our spiritual eye we are at the level of Chokmah, Wisdom, the next step is Binah, understanding, which is the transformation of the wisdom to the energy that is wished to expand. The process is Zeir Anpin and the manifestation is Malchut where the revelation of the light of Chokmah is sealed.

Think about Chokmah as thoughts, Binah as understanding the thoughts that ‘pops’ in the mind and give them shape. The process to bring the thought into action is Zeir Anpin. The final action is Malchut where everything is registered and sealed. Once the action is taken, it is registered in the system for good or bad.
We receive the light, which is the Torah and Zohar but it is up to us to manifest it and make good or bad out of it. It’s our choice.