Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -199.

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YHHV יההו is right side and level of Chokmah
YVHH יוהה is left side and level of Binah

Yod is Chokmah and Male energy
First Heh is Binah and female energy as a desire to receive in order to share.
Second Heh is Malchut as female and vessel with desire to receive.
Vav is Zeir Anpin, male energy with attributes to channel the light.

The name YHVH with its 12 permutations represents 12 lines inside the Tree of Life that connect the different aspects of the Light Force of the Creator. Each name also controls a different month and a different segment of the Zodiac.

Like the Nikkud (Hebrew vowels) reveal different light of the letter or word so the names of YHVH reveal different energy in this universe.

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