Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -210.

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The middle point of creation was created by the letter כ as in כתר with a dot in it called ‘Dagesh’. When the expansion began it turned to be the letter ב with Dagesh in it as in בראשית.

The letter Y י for the 10 Sefirot formed the line drawn from the middle point to the world.

The כ and the ב with numerical value of 22 revealed the 22 Hebrew letters. With the י , which represent the 10 sayings of creation, created the 32 paths of wisdom, with the 32 times the name Elokim אלהים that appears in the story of creation.

Jacob’s image is part of the middle line of creation. Genesis 28:11 Jacob “hit the place” and it tells us that he met the point of creation. God helped him by setting the sun down so he will sleep in that place and communicate with him.
“and he took from the stones (letters) of the place (of creation) and placed them under his head and he lied down, ויש,כב במקום ההוא. And He found 22 (letters) in that place. Jacob lay down and he had the famous “Jacob’s Ladder” dream, where God revealed him the future.