Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -209.

Sub title: As above so below.

Tikkun 18 Continue

In the beginning it was only light, pure and simple. To make a new type of existence for us, the creator created a space that expanded from a middle point. That point is called ציון, Zion. It’s a spiritual point and its location is above Jerusalem.

The thought of the creator ‘traveled’ down from the endless into the space through a straight line to the middle point. The thought got transformed at the middle point into a drop of water and from that drop the physical world began to expand to four directions. The head to the east ,the body to the west, legs to the north and hands to the south.

When we create our world, the creative force travels down the channel as a line and enters the space. It transforms a thought into a drop from which the body/world expands to all directions. The line that connects the new world to its creator sustains it for 9 (months) / levels of developments from Keter to Yessod and after the ninth, the line/light is disconnected from the supporting system and begins its process/life in the concealed world, which is Malchut.

18 years after (9×2= Torah age for marriage) the new world is mature to create new worlds by itself.

Imagine for a split second that the line (umbilical cord) to the creator had never been severed from its source and we were all connected as one.

What a great “Tree of Life” it is and will be…

On the spiritual level we were never separated.