Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -243.

Tikkun 19-21

When God sends a prophecy to Malchut it goes through all the Sefirot down to Netzach and Hod.

Netzach and Hod are “spiritual mirrors” where we can see “the future”. The Zohar says in this section that every person can see the mirror according to their power, which is their soul.
The clarity of the “spiritual mirror” is the aspect of how pure our soul is. Our negativity is like layers of dirt on the mirror that blocks the clear vision of the future.

With every action we do in Malchut we create an angel, which is a field of energy. The negative ones create a barrier and cloud the mirror. The most important action that affects the mirror significantly is our words. When we don’t tell the truth the mirror reflects corrupted images and our soul is lost in the chaos. Truth is the ticket to go up from Malchut to Yessod and use the spiritual mirror at Netzach and Hod.
The light that we reveal in Malchut cleanses our mirror and gives our soul the power to see the next step clearly.

How do we find out the causes of the blockages of our mirror?

Get into meditative state without music or external sounds (as much as possible). Try to stop thinking for a while. You’ll fail to achieve thoughtless mind but this will bring your soul higher in the meditative state. In the silence of your mind the spiritual mirror will reveal to you what you need to see. Depending on your correction process and the state of your soul, you will see what you need to cleanse to improve your ability to see the future. It is not for your physical eyes, it is for your soul. As you improve your meditation skills, you can direct the meditation to different areas of your life to which you need to work on.