Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -218.

Tikkun 18 Continue

When the will of the Creator to create the worlds started, a candle with the first light that represented the judgments of the world came out.
Before there was judgment, there were no colors of white, red, green or black at all.
The first light from the words “let there be light” “יהי אור” are, “יה אויר”. From the יה came out the י, which represents the light of The Creator dressed as the 10 Sefirot and with the light, אור, came out the air, “אויר”.

That is the first form of judgment because it defines rules of behavior and limitations.

We live in a world of judgment because there are strict rules to our existence.
The 10 Sefirot י provide us with the system of cause and effect with rules to follow in order to get the light אור from the air אויר we breathe. If we don’t breathe we can not connect to the light.
Everything in the physical universe is in the frame of judgment because it follows rules.

To see the light is to separate the judgment from the subject by bringing our self to find the light in everything.