Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -219.

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The light to create the world began from a point of pure, simple and unrestricted light. It formed a directional line for the 10 Sefirot and was dressed in 4 shades of colors.

Chokmah with white – the color without judgment, reflects all the colors and is the ultimate sharer.

Binah with red – represents left column and the desire to receive in order to share. Like the color of blood that receives energy and light from the air through the lungs and shares it with the whole body.

Tiferet (as Zeir Anpin) with green – the color of the central column and of balance. Green is the dominant color of nature and all vegetation that produce oxygen to sustain life. It represents the process.

Malchut with black color – it swallows all light because it has nothing of its own to share.

Colors represents inner energy but in Malchut each color has the two sides of good and bad.