Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -221.

Tikkun 19:1

בראשית , is Chokmah and the first and last letter of this word is בת, meaning daughter, which is Malchut.

The middle part of the Eye is called אישון and בבת עין, it represents the point where the light of the Creator started the creation process and formed the visible (material) universe starting with air אויר, by restricting the Light אור with the י , 10 Sefirot of Chokmah. בחוכמה יצרת . עולמך.
The Light of Chokmah can be revealed only in Malchut because the higher light needs empty vessel. The other levels have different light and Chokmah can not be mixed with them.

Our eyes represent the level of Chokmah In Malchut.
Eye is עין with numerical value of 130 also = 10 times אהבה = 13, Love.

When we sum the values for the two eyes, we get 260, which is 10 times YHVH יהוה.
(To strengthen the eye sight on the spiritual and physical level visualize יהוה shining on each eye 5 times. Like the shape of the eye. One name shines on the right, one name on the left, top, bottom and center for the pupil.)

We see “reality” (as we commonly define the world around us that we perceive with our 5 senses) reflect through the eye lens (water) to the back bottom of the inner side of the eye ball.

A person may have all the ‘mechanical’ elements of the eye but he may not see “reality” because reality is what we interpret as real. The image inside the eye is presented upside down and the brain receives a stream of electrons that translate to a 3D image.
The Zohar calls this world, the world of lies because what we see is not real. It is what our brain is “instructed” to see.
Can you see it?