Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -220.

Tikkun 18 complete

This part of the Tikunei Zohar is the last part of Tikkun 18 and it brings us to the point of creation.
Throughout the long Tikkun 18 we discussed many ways and the system to connect to the upper levels and draw light down to us.
Here, Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair, who is The father in law of Rabbi Shimon comes down from his place in heavens to reveal this point for the Zohar and to support the Shechina.
The Holy Temple was designed as the power outlet to the world. The Shechina is the presence of the divine, as the vessel of Malchut, that allows the flow of energy in the world.
The exact middle of the Holy Temple is the point in Malchut where the four aspects of YHVH are revealed into one point. This is in the middle point of Creation and where the altar stands.
It represents the judgment in the process of creation when the light restricted itself to defined measures, which are the 10 Sefirot.
That is also where judgment is removed by the sacrifices and the work of the High Priest.
The fire that came down to burn the offerings represents the left column. By consuming the sacrifices the judgment was transformed to Chassadim, which is the energy of mercy, love and kindness.

The first Holy Temple came with full instructions from God to King David that is the aspect of Malchut and he prepared everything for his son Solomon to complete the work. It was from the right column.

The Second Temple came from the left column activated by the desire of the people to stop the exile and return to the Holy Land and restore the energy with the building of the Second Temple. It didn’t hold for long time.

When the third Holy Temple will come down to its place it will be from the central column. It will provide all the benefits of the Tree of Life to those that are already connected to it.