Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -228.

Tikkun 19 – 8

The thought of the creator to create the material world formed a point, Y, י, opened with five extensions, H, ה, then extended as a line, V, ו up to the fifth level, Hod and formed the spiritual vessel. From that foundation the world was created.

That is the secret of Kamatz Katan (meaning small but big in the spiritual aspect) pronounced like the word כל, Kol, (menaing ‘all that…,’), relates to the Sefira of Yessod. It brings the light to Malchut like Keter bestows light on the Sefirot below it.

The line above represents the border between the unknown to the known that is defined with the name YHVH, the spiritual system below, and the element of time.

Kamatz represents Keter, Patch for Chokmah and Tzerei for Binah.

When the Kohen blesses the people he conceals his hands under the prayer Shawl. He starts with fists closed, then when he raises them above the level of his eyes and opens the palms, with five fingers in each hand in the aspect of the original five streams of light and the 10 fingers for the ten Sefirot.

The three verses that they recite from The Torah connect to the energy of the first time the light was initiated in the Menorah in the Tabernacle.

The hands are not just tools that help us do our regular activities; they are channels of Light and can draw down blessings from the supernal.