Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -229.

Tikkun 19 – 9

The unification of Zeir Anpin and Malchut require a purification of the vessel in order to receive the Light and it must be through water.

The prayer of Shema Israel has 248 words, which relates to the body. רחם, Womb, is the place where a child grows in concealment until it is ready to come out to the world. The womb must be full with water to protect the process of continuous growth. The spiritual transformation into physical requires water. Our body is over 3 quarters water for that reason, if we lose some of it then our life is in danger because the water is life.
To cleanse our spiritual essence we need to immerse in a body of water that cannot be below a specific size in order to be used as a tool of spiritual cleansing. It is called a Mikveh. A large natural body of water is also good. The water must be a combination of lower waters and upper waters (rain). This connects Malchut to Binah and with all that comes inside, that connection is purified.

A seed of a man is actually a drop of water that comes from Binah down to Malchut. In the special meeting in the dark, the soul can come from the supernal levels and connect to the lower physical level.

Water was created from the word of God that when the 10 Sefirot as the letter Yod, י, mixed with the Light אור, it created the Air, אויר. It continued in the condensing process from spiritual to material, it created water that was separated to upper and lower water.

Water includes all the four elements in itself, Water, Air as the form when it is evaporated, an attribute that reveals the light in the water. The desire to spread out is part of the water and if not frozen it will always seek to go back to its original state of spread out light.
The Earth part can be found in the minerals that are in the water. They are the elements that connect the water to ‘earthly’ energy.
Fire is the natural temperature of the water that lets it evaporate at any non-freeze state.

Water contains all the energy the world needs. Recent discoveries tell us how to transform water into energy. As kabbalists we are not surprised that the molecular weight of water is 18, which is Chai, Life, חי.
When are you going to dip in the Mikveh, Ocean, spring or Lake?