Daily Zohar 2347
Daily Zohar 2347
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2347
Hebrew translation:

48. וְעַל זֶה אַחַת לְשִׁבְעִים שָׁנָה מִזְדַּעֲזֵעַ הָעוֹלָם, מִשּׁוּם שֶׁהַתַּנִּין הַגָּדוֹל הַזֶּה מַעֲלֶה אֶת הַסְּנַפִּירִים שֶׁלּוֹ וּמִזְדַּעֲזֵעַ, אָז כֻּלָּם מִזְדַּעְזְעִים בְּאוֹתָם יְאוֹרִים, וְכָל הָעוֹלָם מִזְדַּעֲזֵעַ, וְהָאָרֶץ מִתְחַלְחֶלֶת, וְכֻלָּם כְּלוּלִים בַּתַּנִּין הַגָּדוֹל הַזֶּה.
49. וְהָאָרֶץ הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וְגוֹ’. אָמַר רַבִּי שִׁמְעוֹן, בְּמַעֲשֵׂה בְרֵאשִׁית הַחֲבֵרִים עוֹסְקִים בּוֹ וְיוֹדְעִים בּוֹ, אֲבָל הֵם מְעַטִּים שֶׁיּוֹדְעִים אֶת רֶמֶז מַעֲשֵׂה בְרֵאשִׁית בְּסוֹד הַתַּנִּין הַגָּדוֹל. וְעַל זֶה שָׁנִינוּ, שֶׁכָּל הָעוֹלָם אֵינוֹ מִשְׁתַּלְשֵׁל אֶלָּא עַל סְנַפִּירָיו שֶׁל זֶה.
50. בֹּא רְאֵה, וְהָאָרֶץ הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ וְגוֹ’. שָׁנִינוּ הָיְתָה, וּבֵאַרְנוּ. מִשּׁוּם שֶׁבַּיְאוֹר הָרִאשׁוֹן הַזֶּה שֶׁאָמַרְנוּ, כְּשֶׁהַתַּנִּין הַגָּדוֹל הַזֶּה נִכְנָס בּוֹ, אָז מִתְמַלֵּא, וְשׁוֹטֵף וְדוֹעֵךְ הַנִּיצוֹצוֹת שֶׁנִּלְקְטוּ בְּאוֹתָן עוֹלָמוֹת שֶׁנֶּחְרְבוּ בַּתְּחִלָּה.

Zohar Bo

A special note: The symbols described in this and other places in the Zohar are simplified ‘language’ to explain spiritual forces and processes. Sometimes the symbols that used to explain deep spiritual aspects are hard to grasp as Rabbi Shimon explains below that very few of his friends can even get it. Rabbi Ashlag gives great explanations but it still hard to understand and connect the symbols to the spiritual events of creation and the sefirot.
The Daily Zohar brings the study of Zohar in the paragraph sequence, skipping nothing because everything is spiritually connected. Even if we don’t understand everything, the reading, scanning and listening is our pure tool to connect to the Zohar as revealed by Rabbi Shimon. When you read the commentary, meditate first to be part of the light of the Zohar, then try to get the ‘knowledge’ part as much as you can. Questions are always welcome.


Rabbi Shimon say that the deeper meaning of the story of creation is known to the friends but very few know how to related to it with the secret of the ‘Great Tanim’ ‘התנים הגדול’, translated as the ‘sea monster’. Then he reveals that the entire Creation was in the secret of Chokmah. As it says in Psalms 104:24 “In wisdom (Chokmah) you have made them all”. The Great Tanim is the inclusion of Chokmah. From its ‘fins’
Genesis 1:2
“וְהָאָרֶץ, הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ, וְחֹשֶׁךְ, עַל-פְּנֵי תְהוֹם; וְרוּחַ אֱלֹהִים, מְרַחֶפֶת עַל-פְּנֵי הַמָּיִם”
“The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters”
During the process of Creation, God was creating and destroying worlds and when we come to the creation that is described in Genesis, we read that “the earth WAS…” and it means that everything was already in existence and from this point on everything is about setting things in order for the correction process to begin.
When the Great Tanim swims into the first river (keter), it fills with the light of Chokmah. He goes down and take the sparks of light from the process of the creation and destroying of the world’s. During this process the Great Tanim cancel all the judgments.
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