Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -244.

Tikkun 19-22

YHVH was in Keter before the world was created. He and his name were alone in Keter. When the world was created in the aspect of “ראשית” “beginning”, he came down and didn’t have any lack from above. So in every Sefira, like lighting a candle from another candle, there was no lack from the first one or the one that followed all through the Endless and beyond.

The above is a direct translation of the Zohar’s first paragraph of this section.
YHVH came down from Keter. Yod of the name is Chokmah but the tip of the letter, which is the beginning point of the letter, is Keter.
When the Zohar says that there was no lack at any level (candles) all through the Endless, it means that YHVH is everywhere.
We mentioned in Daily Zohar # 239 that God is everything and everywhere but where can we really find God? Where is God?
We know that everything in our existence is in constant movement. Every atom is actually combination of fields of energy. Particles in movement around a nucleus.
Here are some familiar graphics to see.

There is a number that is called the fine-structure constant. This constant, 137, is the way physicists describe the probability that an electron (vessel) will emit or absorb a photon (Light). Because this is the basic physical mechanism of electricity and magnetism, the fine-structure constant has its own symbol, the Greek letter α, “alpha.” (א). You can find more information about this mysterious and magical number on the Internet but I want to point to you that the number 137 is the numerical value of Kabbalah קבלה, which is the teaching of how to connect the light and the vessel. Reading the Zohar on a daily basis is a way to connect us to the source before we were placed into this ‘dizzy’ spinning illusion.

Where is God?

God is the driving force, God is in the fine structure constant, God is the thought that propels everything, everything and everything. There is no empty space in this universe, there is only God and we are part of it. Our perception of “God is somewhere else”, is the illusion that we need to breakout from.

Can you hurt another person when you know that God is there?

Now would you like to join me and cry why people still see separation?

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