Daily Zohar 2377
Daily Zohar 2377
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2377
Hebrew translation:

56. וּמִי שֶׁמִּתְחַבֵּר עִמּוֹ וּמִי שֶׁמְּדַבֵּר עִמּוֹ, כְּמִי שֶׁמִּתְחַבֵּר בְּכוֹכָבִים וּמַזָּלוֹת מַמָּשׁ. מָה הַטַּעַם? מִשּׁוּם שֶׁכּוֹכָבִים וּמַזָּלוֹת מַמָּשׁ שׁוֹרִים בְּתוֹכוֹ. וְלֹא עוֹד, אֶלָּא שֶׁעוֹקֵר קְדֻשָּׁה עֶלְיוֹנָה מִמְּקוֹמָהּ, וּמַשְׁכִּין בִּמְקוֹמָהּ עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה אֵל זָר. מָה אֵל זָר כָּתוּב בּוֹ (ויקרא יט) אַל תִּפְנוּ אֶל הָאֱלִילִים – כְּדֻגְמַת זֶה אָסוּר לְהִסְתַּכֵּל בְּפָנָיו.
57. וְאִם תֹּאמַר, הֲרֵי רֹגֶז שֶׁל חֲכָמִים – רֹגֶז שֶׁל הַחֲכָמִים טוֹב הוּא לְכָל הַצְּדָדִים, שֶׁהֲרֵי לָמַדְנוּ שֶׁהַתּוֹרָה הִיא אֵשׁ, וְהַתּוֹרָה הִיא מַרְתִּיחָה אוֹתוֹ, שֶׁכָּתוּב (ירמיה כג) הֲלוֹא כֹה דְבָרִי כָּאֵשׁ נְאֻם ה’. רֹגֶז שֶׁל חֲכָמִים בְּדִבְרֵי תוֹרָה. רֹגֶז שֶׁל חֲכָמִים לָתֵת כָּבוֹד לַתּוֹרָה, וְהַכֹּל לַעֲבוֹדַת הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא הוּא הָיָה, לְכָךְ נֶאֱמַר (דברים ד) כִּי ה’ אֱלֹהֶיךָ אֵשׁ אֹכְלָה הוּא אֵל קַנָּא.

Zohar Tetzaveh
Continued from previous DZ
Anger pushes away the soul level of Neshama that can connect to Chokmah that is true wisdom. There’s a huge difference between the wisdom that comes from the spiritual level of Chokmah and the wisdom of people that comes from to knowledge of the ‘science’ of this world. The level of Chokmah is pure as it receives everything from Keter and deliver the Light to Binah. There’s no process or aspect of corruption in the transformation of light from Keter to Chokmah. Zeir Anpin is the aspect of the process and Malchut is where the action/manifestation of the process is taken place.
The wisdom that is revealed in Malchut without pure connection to the upper three Sefirot has the aspect of good and bad. Every knowledge that comes out in Malchut is corrupted with ‘bad’/untrue aspect. The ‘wisdom’ in Malchut is temporary because it is revealed in the world of ‘time’. There are many examples of scientists that changed theories and ‘scientific’ findings/conclusions even Einstein changed his own theories. Science with all of its wisdom has no true cures to the ills of the world.
The ‘wisdom’ of the world is reflected nowadays with the spread of chaos almost in every country in the world. The wisdom is contaminated with ‘bad’ so even if some wise people have ‘ultimate’ solutions, the ‘bad’ corrupts all that is good.
The true wisdom can be achieved by accessing the root of all wisdom from the pure fountain that comes from Chokmah and Binah. The Zohar reveals secrets centuries before science discovered them. Rabbi Shimon was the true ‘scientist’ and he revealed all the secrets of this world allowing him to control space and motion, even control the angel of death. He could’ve controlled time and live forever as immortal but the Creator didn’t allow him to do so.
The vessel for true wisdom is the soul level of Neshama that can be filled with light with pure spiritual connections in a state of peace. An angry person can never achieve such level and see truth in his life.
The opposite is true. Anger will only drive a person deeper down the abyss of darkness and disconnection from the Light.
In the world of politics, we see a war between good and evil. People take sides away from peace and that is why the negative side is winning. Sat-an already raise the hate and anger level in the world, pushing the good that we had away from us. I see friends on Facebook that used to be peaceful and loving, express hate and anger because of fear that is based on their insecurities. They lose the Light that they had because of a political change that they believe would threaten their existence in peace. They keep fighting for something that they think is right but the result is that they are getting far away from peace and the Light.
With all the chaos that is going on in the world, we should have strong faith in YHVH and cling to him because he’s the only one that can protect us. The Zohar teaches us that a leader of a nation has no free choice. Everything he does is guided from above and that is a reflection of our consciousness. The hate, fear and anger that drive people to react only put them on the negative side, which is darkness.
The Zohar tells us that we shouldn’t look into the face of an angry person because the Klipa controls him at that time. This could affect us negatively. Only the Torah and Zohar can purify our eyes, allowing our souls to achieve purity and higher levels.
We should ignore everything that may cause us to react negatively. Facebook is widely contaminated with ‘fighters’ that want to save the world by showing the negativity of the other side, even if they know that it is mostly or partly fake. They forget that when they choose a side they become the ‘other-side’.
We should not look in this ‘Face’ of negativity, it’s a Klipa that may cause us to react and choose sides. Don’t Face it!
Facebook and other social media networks were supposed to provide service of sharing that brings us together but nowadays it turned to be a tool for the negative side to create greater separation and hate in the world.
Keep calm using Zohar study and choose peace. All other options are separation and negative.
The Zohar is the ultimate study and revelation of the Light of the Torah. It’s our Noah’s Ark and can protect and save us from the chaos that spreads in this world.