Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -267.

Tikkun 21 – 8

Leaving Egypt was the first redemption. The Israelites had to cross a sea of water to be saved from the Egyptians that were after them to kill them.
The Zohar said that Final Redemption was through physical water and the final one will be with the spiritual water, which is the Torah.

Revealing the secrets of the Torah is the force that will bring the Final Redemption. Moses split the water to let the Israelites cross the sea in safety. We need to open the secret of the Torah through the knowledge of Zohar and Kabbalah to create a safety path for ourselves.

The Zohar says that our writing tool is like Moses’ staff and it can reveal the power of God.

Your words can break the dam and let the spiritual waters flood the world with light.

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Every candle you light removes a lot of darkness. Maybe the candle you lit today is the one that is missing to bring the Final Redemption.