Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -297.

Tikkun 21 – 38

The written Torah is in the aspect of direct light and the oral Torah, which is the study of all of its levels, is the returning light.

To reveal light we need to push it back. A physical light can not be seen until it is reflected from an object.
In order to reveal the light of the Torah we need to create an action. The Do and Do Not Mitzvoth (precepts) are the basic and minimum requirements to reveal light.

The brain is the device that is in constant connection to the supernal. If it stops life can not exist in the body. The thoughts that come to us are ‘suggestions’ to reveal light from the two aspects of DO and DO NOT DO.
The keyword is DO, meaning that there should be action and/or restriction.

The Zohar is the highest and deepest study of the Torah. When we study it we need to reveal the light and it is done by discussing it using the mouth, which is the Malchut of the head. We can reveal the light by sharing it in any method that can be seen outside of our mind.
Sharing links on social networks, emails, phone conversations etc.

Whatever you learn from the Daily Zohar or any other source that increases your connection and understanding of the Tree of Life should be shared for the benefit of the whole world.
One candle at a time.