Daily Zohar 3164

Daily Zohar 3164

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3164


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Zohar Ha’azinu

Continued from previous DZ

The light of every light is called the ‘correction of the King’, the Sefirot of the King. Each light shines and holds to the light of the Endless that came before him. The Light of the Endless, blessed be He, cannot be seen or grasped outside the Sefira.
The Light that is revealed from the Sefira is called the ‘garment of the King’. (See lesson in #97 above)

All the Lights that spreads from Atika Kadisha doesn’t reveal the source. but we cannot see the source. It’s like a seed of a tree that is transformed into a tree. This ‘DNA’ of the seed can be found present in all parts of the tree. We can see the outcome but not the seed.

Binah from the upper three sefirot is ‘dressed’ with Justice and righteousness to reveal its light in Zeir Anpin. When the Light of Binah reaches Malchut the Light if the whole Tree is activated.

The light of the endless in the world is like the soul in our body. We can not see but it occupies every cell in the body and gives it life. What we see is only the ‘garment of the soul’ in the shape and actions of the person.

Special message
I’m planning to make some changes to the delivery of the Daily Zohar studies. I will continue with posting paragraphs and audio recordings of the Zohar text according to the weekly portions. In most cases, it would be without commentary. Parallel to this, I will add a few studies a week of the Tree of Life. The number of such studies depends on the time it would take me to prepare these lessons. It’s not an easy material to explain and I want to focus on a method of teaching that would be easy for anyone who wishes to study the secrets of the Tree of Life to follow and understand.
I hope and believe that it would open great ‘windows’ of light in the mind and life of those who would take the time to study it. It would require dedication and continuous study. It’s not a study that one can skip a lesson because each lesson builds on the prior one. The study of the Tree of Life would help many to see the world around in a clear way, understanding the driving forces behind everything. I will start the study of the Tree of Life from the beginning of Creation, the formation of the sefirot as vessels for the Light of the Endless, continue teaching the flow of light from the supernal Keter to Malchut, and all the important elements in between.
The main source for the studies is of course from the Holy Ari and Rabbi Ashlag but I will draw from books written by other Kabbalists.
These studies may come some as text, videos, drawings, presentations or any combination of the above.
Even though I take on myself a heavy workload, I am excited to start it and I believe that most of you would love and benefit greatly from it. Please recommend and share the Daily Zohar with your friends and on social networks.