Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -35.

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The Hebrew letters are stones. They are the building blocks of the vessels.
The word for house is בית, so the letter Bet בית, is Malchut. The Yod י is for Yesod, the foundation and the letter ת, is for Tiferet, which is Zeir Anpin and the column that supports the house, Malchut.

The there level of works to reveal light are;
Nefesh = Vessel כלים = Letters אותיות
Ruach = Sparks of Light ניצוצות = Dots נקוד
Neshama = Light אורות = Cantilation טעמים

Our actions on different level elevates our soul from Nefesh to Ruach to Neshama.
It is easy to correct the low level of Nefesh with positive actions.
The correction of Ruach is by adding study of Holy scripture and consciousness to the positive action. When knowing the impact of the action and the personal responsibility elevates sparks of light from the negativity to higher level.
The level of Neshama is pure light. Becoming like God in all aspect of actions. Total selflessness. Sharing and giving unconditionally. (not to negativity!).

The Zohar text, especially Tikunei Zohar originated form the soul of Rabbi Shimon at the level of Neshama. He gave us this tool to cleanse the soul with its/his light.

Its the text of the Zohar, the vessel, the Nikkud, the sparks of light that help us connect to the Light of Rabbi Shimon as he intended with the 70 Tikunei Zohar that the Daily Zohar is bringing to you here in sequence.

We are still in the introduction of the Tikunei Zohar. The lead and preparation to the 70 gates.
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