Daily Zohar 3565
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3565

Hebrew translation:



Zohar Yitro
When the face shines without anger, then it is possible to look at the person and know the secrets described above. When anger controls the person, another judgment becomes known. This is possible to know when judgment rules in the sky.

To read the truth from a face is possible when the face is illuminating and the person is the way he is. Then, these markings show the truth, and the Tikun of a person can be revealed. The wise man can see the truth in a person even if he is under a different emotional state of mind.

The lines on the hands and the fingers can reveal different concealed secrets. They are like illuminating planets inside the constellations and the high ministers.

The supernal secrets of the fingers are covered from the outside by the nails that represent the inner on the outside.
Wizards reveal secrets from the nails that connect to different light and by inflicting impurity on that place.

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