Daily Zohar 3571
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3571

Hebrew translation:

118. וְאֵלֶּה יְשֵׁנִים בְּאַדְמַת עָפָר. אַדְמַת – מֵאֲדָמָה. עָפָר – מִתֵּבֵל. וְעַל אֵלּוּ כָּתוּב (דניאל יב) וְרַבִּים מִיְּשֵׁנֵי אַדְמַת עָפָר יָקִיצוּ אֵלֶּה לְחַיֵּי עוֹלָם וְאֵלֶּה לַחֲרָפוֹת וּלְדִרְאוֹן עוֹלָם. כָּל אֵלֶּה שֶׁלֹּא זָכוּ לְהִתְתַּקֵּן. אֲבָל אִם זָכְתָה אוֹתָהּ רוּחַ עַרְטִילָאִית שֶׁשָּׁבָה כְּמוֹ מִקֹּדֶם לְהִתְתַּקֵּן, אָז צַדִּיק הוּא, שֶׁהֲרֵי אוֹתָהּ רוּחַ שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר בָּהּ שֶׁנִּשְׁמְרָה בַּסֶּלַע, תְּתֻקַּן בְּאוֹתוֹ הַגּוּף הָרִאשׁוֹן, וְעַל אֵלֶּה כָּתוּב אֵלֶּה לְחַיֵּי עוֹלָם וְאֵלֶּה לַחֲרָפוֹת וְגוֹ’. כָּל אוֹתָם שֶׁלֹּא זָכוּ לְהִתַּקֵּן.
119. וְאֵלּוּ הֵן הַגְּבוּרוֹת הָעֶלְיוֹנוֹת שֶׁל הַמֶּלֶךְ הָעֶלְיוֹן הַקָּדוֹשׁ, וּכְלוּם לֹא נֶאֱבָד. אֲפִלּוּ הֶבֶל הַפֶּה יֵשׁ לוֹ אֲתַר וּמָקוֹם, וְהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא עוֹשֶׂה מִמֶּנּוּ מַה שֶּׁעוֹשֶׂה, וַאֲפִלּוּ דִבּוּר שֶׁל אָדָם וַאֲפִלּוּ קוֹל אֵינוֹ בְרֵיקָנוּת, וַאֲתַר וּמָקוֹם יֵשׁ לְכֻלָּם.
120. זֶה שֶׁנִּבְנֶה עַכְשָׁו וְיָצָא לָעוֹלָם בְּרִיָּה חֲדָשָׁה, אֵין לוֹ בַּת זוּג, וְעַל זֶה לֹא מַכְרִיזִים, שֶׁהֲרֵי בַּת זוּגוֹ אָבְדָה מִמֶּנּוּ. בַּת הַזּוּג שֶׁהָיְתָה לוֹ נֶעֶשְׂתָה אִמּוֹ, וְאָחִיו לְאָבִיו.


Chodesh Tov

Increase joy and happiness this month because miracles and good news are coming.

Zohar Mishpatim

Continued from previous DZ
Daniel 12:2
“וְרַבִּים מִיְּשֵׁנֵי אַדְמַת עָפָר יָקִיצוּ אֵלֶּה לְחַיֵּי עוֹלָם וְאֵלֶּה לַחֲרָפוֹת לְדִרְאוֹן עוֹלָם.”
“And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt.”
Those who sleep in the dust (עפר) of the earth (אדמה, Adama) is called so because the ‘earth’ (Adama) comes from to the earth level that is called ‘Adama’. ‘Dust’, ‘עפר’ has this name because it is from the level of Tevel.
The soul of the childless person returns to this world as a child of his wife through the marriage to the ‘redeemer’ as explained previously.
The Ruach that was released from the woman is concealed by the Holy One Blessed be He in the special place that is called ‘the Rock’. This Ruch would be corrected in the body of the childless husband.
Those who had the merit to correct themselves would join the group ‘Some to everlasting life’. The others who didn’t follow their correction would be in the group ‘Some to shame and everlasting contempt’.

The Holy One Blessed be He, counts every action of a person, even the vapor that comes out of the month has a place and level that is treated by the Holy One. Even a word said by man, or a sound is counted because everything done in this world has a spiritual significance.

The soul of the dead husband incarnates into the child that came out from the Yibum. He comes out without heavens announcing his soulmate because he lost her when he died. His mother is his soulmate and his brother, the Redeemer, becomes his father.

Breathing is an action that is a gift from Hashem. As we learned above, every breath and word we say is counted and measured if we used it for positive, or negative. In the morning, we give one blessing, giving thanks to Hashem for bringing us back to life. It is good to have the consciousness of appreciation for every breath we can take freely in this world. People all over the world suffer when wearing these masks that are forced on us and block our healthy breathing. The masks make us breathe in our waste. They lower the intake of the force of Life that Hashem provided for us. The whole world is under correction process of the breath we wasted on evil speech and all negative words we uttered. The EVIL side received too much energy from our negativity and now we suffer. We should stop all negative talks and spread light by reading Zohar and any sacred text. If you can’t read Hebrew then read in your own language with the consciousness to spread Light to remove the evil from the world.
When you can safely take off your mask, give thanks to Hashem for giving you the Breath of Life, it could be your best ‘antivirus’.
I love you all. Please spread this love o others. You could be the one that makes the critical mass that would cause the miracles we all wait for.

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