Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -39.

Hand is יד in Hebrew with numerical value of 14.
The “Great” hand, גדזלה, aspect of חסד Chessed, Right column.
The “Strong“ hand, חזקה, aspect of Gevurah גבורה. Left Column.
The “Elevated” Hand, רמה, aspect of Tiferet תפארת, central column.

We should not think even for one moment that God has three hands like humans.

The word Arm, Arms, Army comes from the ancient use of counting the forces available for the king. How many “arms” can hold a sword?

The three hands are three aspect of the Creator force in this world.
The “Great” hand is the power of Mercy. The “Strong” is fear and the “Elevated” is Justice.

Moses was at the level of Da’at, where Chokmah and Binah connecting to give birth to the Zeir Anpin, that include all the three aspect of force.
Moses has the control of the three forces and it is the secret of “Moses Sword”.