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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -420.

Tikkun 21 – 161

There are four seasons in the year. Each season is about 3 months long (as it is in Israel). The 12 months correspond with the 12 tribes and the 12 Zodiac constellations.

The Hebrew calendar has a cycle of 19 years. 12 regular years of 12 months each and 7 years with 13 months each. It brings 235 unique months that correspond to the 231 gates described in the Book of Formation and 4 for the 4 letters of the Holy name.

It is important for us to understand and follow this calendar because it is part of the divine system and the spiritual energy that is revealed on the special holidays on their special times.

The 12 signs are in the aspect of judgment as they control the Tikkun process. They carry the divine plan for each person and for every living thing on earth. Sustenance and life process are determined by the constellations and planets that control the person’s Tikkun plan.

The Zohar explains the statement in the Talmud (מסכת פסחים) “קשין מזונותיו של אדם כקריעת ים סוף”

(The Zohar Text begins in Daily Zohar 419) “The sustenance of a person is hard to come by like splitting of the Red Sea.”

Also “קשה זיווגו של אדם כקריעת ים סוף”.

Rashi, the great Torah commentator explains

: זיווג ראשון של האדם הוא לפי מזלו שנקבע ארבעים יום קודם יצירתו, ואילו זיווג שני נקבע לפי מעשיו והוא שקשה לפני המקום כקריעת ים – סוף

The first mate for a person is determined by his sign, 40 days before he is born and the second is set according to his actions and it is hard like the splitting of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea split into twelve paths, one for each tribe. The 12 tribes represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac and so each one of us is controlled by constellation and the planet formation on the time we were born.

The process can not be changed for the same soul in the same life time even if the person has merits. This is true unless a person achieves highest spiritual connection that gives him the ability of mind over matter.

Our spiritual work, which is the Tikkun process, helps us to remove obstacles from our lives. When we correct the path we can get faster in achieving our full potential.

A person may struggle most of his life to have material or relationship fulfillment but only after he removes the obstacles from his path he can achieve it. The idea is never to give up on maximizing our potential.

Sometimes you have to work the dirt to find the gold or go through hard relationship or marriage to get to the next step.

To break the limits of the influence of the Zodiac and the Tikkun process, we should do our best in helping and supporting others. When we behave like the light we tap into the source of abundant energy. Selfless actions are the keys to achieve freedom from the Tikkun process. The more we do these actions, the more we will feel this freedom inside of us.

Your astrology chart is like a Tikkun process guide. You can tell your limits and potential. It is like having a GPS in a dark road where we don’t see the road signs. We can bang into the wall and make a turn or make the turn before we hit the wall.

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