Daily Zohar 4228
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -4228

Hebrew translation:

164. בְּעֵשָׂו כָּתוּב וַיֵּצֵא הָרִאשׁוֹן אַדְמוֹנִי, וְעַל כֵּן שׁוֹרֶה בּוֹ מִינוֹ. וְאִם תֹּאמַר אַדְמוֹנִי כָּתוּב בְּעֵשָׂו, וְכָתוּב בּוֹ בְּדָוִד, (שמואל-א טז) וַיְבִיאֵהוּ וְהוּא אַדְמוֹנִי. אֶלָּא זֶה מִזֻּהֲמַת הַזָּהָב נַעֲשָׂה, וְזֶה נִדְבַּק בְּזֹהַר הַזָּהָב. כָּתוּב בְּעֵשָׂו, אַדְמוֹנִי כֻּלּוֹ כְּאַדֶּרֶת שֵׂעָר, יָצָא בְזֻהֲמַת הַהִתּוּךְ. בְּדָוִד כָּתוּב, עִם יְפֵה עֵינַיִם וְטוֹב רֹאִי.
165. בֹּא וּרְאֵה מָה הַטַּעַם. הַגָּוֶן הַלָּבָן נוֹדָע, וְהַגָּוֶן הָאָדֹם נוֹדָע. אָדֹם בָּרִאשׁוֹנָה, וְהִנֵּה נִרְאֶה בּוֹ לָבָן, הֲרֵי טָהֳרָה נוֹלְדָה בּוֹ וּמַתְחִיל לְהִטָּהֵר. לָבָן בָּרִאשׁוֹנָה וְנִרְאֶה בּוֹ אָדֹם, הִנֵּה מַתְחִיל לְהִטָּמֵא. וְכָתוּב וְטִמְּאוֹ הַכֹּהֵן, שֶׁהִנֵּה נוֹלָד בּוֹ אָדֹם לְהִטָּמֵא. וְהַכֹּהֵן הָיָה יוֹדֵעַ בְּכָל אוֹתָם הַגְּוָנִים. וְלִפְעָמִים שֶׁנִּרְאֶה בּוֹ גָּוֶן שֶׁל טָהֳרָה, וְיַסְגִּירוֹ לִרְאוֹת אִם יִוָּלֵד בּוֹ גָּוֶן אַחֵר. וְאִם לֹא, מְטַהֵר אוֹתוֹ. זֶהוּ שֶׁכָּתוּב וְטִהֲרוֹ הַכֹּהֵן וְגוֹ’.


Zohar Tazria
Continued from previous DZ
In Esau, it is written;
Genesis 25:25
“וַיֵּצֵא הָרִאשׁוֹן אַדְמוֹנִי כֻּלּוֹ כְּאַדֶּרֶת שֵׂעָר וַיִּקְרְאוּ שְׁמוֹ עֵשָׂו.”
“And the first came out red. He was like a hairy garment all over, so they called his name Esau.”
The red color indicated that Esau was connected to judgments. We also find the red color “אַדְמוֹנִי” related to David.
1 Samuel 16:12
“וַיִּשְׁלַח וַיְבִיאֵהוּ וְהוּא אַדְמוֹנִי עִם יְפֵה עֵינַיִם וְטוֹב רֹאִי וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה קוּם מְשָׁחֵהוּ כִּי זֶה הוּא.”
“So he sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And YHVH said, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!”
He explained that Esau was made of contaminated gold, which represents harsh judgments. But, David clings to the radiation of gold, which is the left of Binah, called gold, and is mercy. In Esau, it is written red all over, that is, he came out of the waste left after melting gold.
About David, it is written, “with bright eyes, and good-looking,” alluding to the illumination of Chokmah, called eyes and sight, which extends from the left line of Binah and includes the right line.

What makes a reddish-white lesion impure? White is known to be Chessed, and red is judgment, therefore, if it was initially red and now appears with white in it, then the purification process began, and if it was white first and now red appears in it, then it begins to defile, and it is written;
Leviticus 13:8
“וְרָאָה הַכֹּהֵן וְהִנֵּה פָּשְׂתָה הַמִּסְפַּחַת בָּעוֹר וְטִמְּאוֹ הַכֹּהֵן צָרַעַת הִוא.”
“And if the priest sees that the lesion has indeed spread on the skin, then the priest shall pronounce him unclean. It is leprosy.”
The priest diagnoses the person as unclean because the red represents judgment. The priest knew all these types of skin lesions. When the priest sees an appearance of purity in him, he isolates the person to see if a different appearance started in it, and if not, he pronounces him clean as it is written;
Leviticus 13:17
“וְרָאָהוּ הַכֹּהֵן וְהִנֵּה נֶהְפַּךְ הַנֶּגַע לְלָבָן וְטִהַר הַכֹּהֵן אֶת הַנֶּגַע טָהוֹר הוּא.”
“And the priest shall examine him; and indeed, if the sore has turned white, then the priest shall pronounce him clean who has the sore. He is clean.”