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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -514.

Tikkun 22 – 52

The Holy name YHVH יהוה in its fully spelled form has 28 letters.
When the names are spelled out they reveal more of their energy and it is in a level closer to the world of action.

The word for power, כח, is numerically 28. It represents the first two hands of God.

Hand, יד, equals to 14, two hands equal to 28. That represents the creative force in the world of action. There are 14 bone segments in each hand. Bone is עצם in Hebrew, which also means essence in the aspect of self and power.

The YHVH name is on a higher level. The letter Y begins at the level of Keter. More letters mean more manifestation of the energy in Malchut.
The first verse of the Torah has seven words with 28 letters. They represent the power of the two hands of God as manifested in the lower seven sefirot.

The third hand is represented in the first 14 letters of the next verse and together they form the 42 letter name that is known as the Ana B’Koach. It is the force of Creation that was revealed with the three hands of God in the beginning of the Torah, which is the story of Creation.

The names of the three hands are;
The Great, יד גדולה, represents the right column.
The Strong, יד חזקה, represents the left column.
The Elevated, יד רמה, for the central column.

We have two physical hands with 10 fingers that channel the power (28) of the Creator. It is given to us to create in our world. The connection to the Torah through the study of the Zohar brings us that power and forms the third hand. With that, we can connect to the seal of truth and life from the level of Chokmah.