Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -85.

בראשית is שב-יראת meaning return with awe. Awe is the treasure and the aspect of Chokmah. Without awe there is no connection to Chokmah.

בראשית is also read as ראש בית, which means head and house. The secret revealed in the verse (Psalms 24:3) “A house is built with Wisdom”. Wisdom is Chokmah and can be revealed only in the house, which is Malchut. None of the other sefirot can receive the light of Chokmah.

Malchut cannot be called house until it has the light of Chokmah.
The light of Chokmah comes down through the central column, which is Zeir Anpin. The light revealed in Malchut includes all the 10 Sefirot and there can’t connection to the supernal light until Zeir Anpin is connected to Malchut, which is ב. As it said (Isaiah 56:7) “My house will be a house of connection to all nations”.

מקור הקטע: תיקוני הזוהר עם פרוש מעלות הסולם (רבי יהודה צבי ברנדויין זל)