Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -87.

Tikkun #4

בראשית, in the beginning it said (Psalms 118:19) “Open gates of Justice for me to come through…”
The gates referred to the two eye lids that open and close the eyes. They are also called the wings of the eyes. Like the cherubs over the Ark of the Covenant spreading their wings.
The three color shades of the eye are for three patriarchs in the aspects of Chessed, Gevurah and Tiferet. The pupil, which lead the light inside the eye is in the aspect of Malchut because only there the light of Chokmah revealed.

The ten Sefirot of the head are;
Skull – Keter
Eyes – Chokmah
Ears – Binah
Nose – Zeir Anpin
Mouth – Malchut

The eyes that are Chokmah need protection from negative entities so the eye lids cover the eyes so they won’t “suck” the light of Chokmah from within.
At night when the soul leaves the body for rest the eyes closed to protect the inner light, when the soul is back and the person awakes, the eyes open.

Interesting (but not surprising) is that the cornea, which is the clear bulging surface in front of the eye and the main refractive surface of the eye has the refraction index of n = 1.37.
137 has the numerical value of Kabbalah קבלה.
Also Photo-electric conversions occur by a factor of 137 cubed. The light is in Kabbalah. The Zohar like the cornea of the eye, transfer the light and reflect it in the physical dimension.

Can you see the Light?