Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -90.

Tikkun #5

בראשית in another format ב – ראשית. The 5 letters ראשית meaning beginning is the secret of Chokmah in its palace, where the energy and vessel is originated. The palace is also where Israel Saba and Tevunah, Binah is called “Palace”. The Hebrew for palace and vessel are the same.
(When you see yourself in a chamber, home, palace etc. that represent your vessel or a temporary state of the soul)

The origin point of Chokmah is concealed thought that is not revealed in light.
Elijah the prophet came to rabbi Shimon and asked him, “the letter ב, is open and implied to reveal light, then why the thought that is Chokmah (Wisdom) in it?”
Answered rabbi Shimon; “When the will of the “King” came to emanate and create the worlds, the spark for that came from the force of judgment in the vessel of Malchut.
It is the cause that causes the light to restrict and remove him from the middle point, which is Malchut.
That point is before the light extends the circle into line to create the world. That is the secret of Pi (3.14) that I will reveal in different article.