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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -917
Hebrew translation:

Sorry Hebrew translation is missing from my original files.

Tikkun 70 – 22

The Endless light is one and without change. It spreads out in all the Sefirot and vessels. The change is measured or ‘visible’ only from the side of the receivers that are the vessels.

The names of God represents different aspect of the Endless light. Like different garments on the same person. The different body parts with their individual shape and inner force represent different aspects of the soul that uses the body.
The ears ‘listen’ because the soul has this power. The eyes can see only because the soul has ability to see. The physical part may look the same but the soul’s power behind it is different.
For example a person with piercing eyes (usually Scorpions) has strong ‘broadcasting’ power.

A person that was born in the month of Virgo usually has a soul with greater ability to see details. It is not about the physical body part but the soul that ‘drives’ it.

The mouth may look the same in many people but the sound that it produces or the words that come out are different from others. We love to hear singers who sing from their souls even if their voice is not perfect.

The body gestures and expressions tell a lot about a person’s soul. Watch them carefully and you can learn a little from every move they make. (Be discrete when doing so. Don’t stare or make people uncomfortable when observing them. Go to the City Park or busy square.)

Remember that when a person speaks, he speaks from his mind and soul. Every word expresses what’s in his mind. If someone approaches you and says “Wow, I see that you lost a few pounds…” it means that person is focused on diet and losing weight or want to share with you that they lost few pounds themselves. Listen to people and you will learn a lot about their lives even without asking them a question. Most people’s soul wants to express itself and be one with the others. The quiet people usually have more to tell than the loud ones. They need more love and attention than others even if they say that they don’t need anything or send you away on the first word you try to communicate with them.

It’s all about the soul.