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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -920
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 25

The following is an explanation about the principals of the Silent prayer that men do (or should do) three times a day. We previously learned that the soul is expressed through the body parts. We should now learn that we have ability to connect to the root of the soul and draw energy that helps us change and affect our physical reality including our appearance.

The three Silent prayers that we do everyday connect us to the central column and allow us to ascend to Yessod of Binah.
In the beginning, we stand erect to leave the realm of Malchut and go up to Yessod to open the gates of the upper Sefirot. We start the connection of 18 blessings with the word ‘Baruch’ ברוך that comes from Yessod. We squat a little to connect Yessod of Binah (upper level) with Yessod of Zeir Anpin that is the lower point of the central column above Malchut.
The first blessing is also the aspect of the right column and connects Chessed from the lower seven to Chokmah that is above it in the upper three.
The entire silent prayer connects us to the central column with the name יהוה to the lower name of Malchut אדני. The first blessing also connects the first letter of יהוה with the first letter of אדני. To have the first pair יא of the four יא-הד-ונ-הי that we connect to during this high level prayer.

To achieve all these levels, we use the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that established the connection to the three columns for us.

The Second blessing connects the left column, Gevurah with Binah above it. After the connection of the Right and the Left we are placed in the central column and this is where the congregation recites the ‘Kedush’, meaning the Holiness. At this stage, we must stand fully erect and still like the letter Vav ו, without opening our legs or spreading our hands. All as one follow the leader of the prayer.

After central column is established with the Kedusha, we are now one, we can hold on to the entire Tree. The next 13 blessings start with connection to Da’at and with that we elevate ourselves to the world of Atziluth and 13 attributes of Arich Anpin. This is a state where there is oneness with the light because Arich Anpin is one with no aspects of individual aspects of Male and Female. While in the silent prayer, a person should disconnect himself from everything that surrounds him. He should ignore sounds, movements, even flying bullets (Who would ignore that?). There is no time or space at this stage, just Light.

Obviously, there are a lot of spiritual connections in the 18 blessings of the silent prayer that we can’t expand on here. The learning from this is that our spiritual connections can draw higher level lights that can change our soul and destiny. If the ‘driver’ has a specific path ‘installed’ in his path/life, he could acquire a better path with spiritual connection.
Studying the Zohar daily is the first step to help us ‘float’ above the obstacle course. Allocation of special times for meditations help us climb the ‘trunk’ of the Tree and see a clearer path in life.