Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -93.

(The title of this commentary is a riddle. One of the mysteries of the letter Alef. Don’t worry about understanding it. Your soul will have joy looking at it.)

Tikkun #5 – continue

The letter א built from Yod, Vav (slanted) and Yod.
The Letter Alef
The letter Yod made out of three parts, head ראש, body/energy/essence תוך and manifestation סוף.
Yod represents the supernal thought of creation, like a crown on top of all the levels below it.
The Yod is on the head of Father and Mother, which are Chokmah and Binah.

Remember the letter Yod here is just a representation of the energy that can not be described in physical terms. Like your name written on the paper. Its not you but it represents the person that is you, your character, power, actions etc..

The Letter Yod

The beginning line of the letter Yod just before it appears as a thin line above the letter is Keter. As the letter expands to make the body of it. It is the body for cantillation and Nikud (dots, reading vowels) when the Yod ends again with a thin line at the bottom it reveals the letters of YHVH that is the 10 Sefirot. Yod is Chokmah, Heh is Binah, Vav is Zeir Anpin and lower Heh is Malchut. It is also the secret of Nikud, which reveal the light of the vessels as it reflected from Malchut.