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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -945
Hebrew translation:

Sorry Hebrew translation is missing from my original files.

Tikkun 70 – 50

The last two letters of the archangel Michael , מיכאל are אל, which means ‘divinity’, אל is the name of God at the level of Chessed. Because Chessed is the Sefirah that is after Binah, it receives the life force from it and channels it down to the lower Sefirot. White represents light and life, it reflects all colors unconditionaly.

Michael is considered the angel of Chessed. He protects us with love and kindness.

The negative side of white is the Snake that also has white color (Like Lavan, Jacob’s father in law). People that misuse the positive energy of Chessed will get hurt by the Snake.

Gabriel is the angel of the left column, Gevurah and the red color that represents strong energy and desire for the self. The positive aspect is power to act for the continuation of light in the world and the negative aspect is selfishness and not following the precepts of “You shall not do…”. These precepts protect us from falling into the negative side that could consume us by igniting and increasing the desire for the self alone.

The central column, Tiferet and the green color are ‘dressed’ by the angels Uriel, Nuriel, אוריאל, נוריאל, the minister of peace. People that do not connect ot the central column are subject to unpredicted ‘sting’ of the scorpion. His poison brings spiritual death on people that follow the illusions and lies of this world.

The angel Raphael is the minister of the Shechina below and is represented with the color black. Connecting to the Shechina lets us enjoy the ‘water’ flow from above.
People that do not support the Shechina experience thirst that is dissatisfaction in life, lack of light and spiritual blindness.