Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -95.

Tikkun #5 – continue

Genesis 37:7 Joseph’s dream about his family
He saw them binding Sheaves of grain in The Field, his sheaf stood upright and all the others surrounding him bowed down to it.

This is the secret of the revelation of the upper three Sefirot in Malchut. “The Field” is the code for Malchut. The ones that work the field and gather the crop are the righteous that elevate the light from Malchut (Creating returning light).

Joseph’s dream is equivalent to Jacob’s dream of Angels going up and down the ladder. The ladder’s head is the letter Aleph and elevation is with Aleph with Kamatz (Chokmah) אָ and Aleph with Tzerei (Binah) אֵ and drawing down are Aleph with Chirik (Netzach) אִ and Aleph with Shurook (Hod) אֻ
Joseph (Yessod ) and Jacob (Tiferet) are the two part of the central column that sustain the whole world. They elevated Malchut to Binah by their well connected actions.

That is the secret of Genesis 37:11 “And his father (Jacob) kept (the dream interpretation) in his mind”. Jacob realized that his son is the final link to Malchut and from him the light of the final redemption will flow to Malchut.
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