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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -951
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 54

The angels from the world of בריאה , Creation (Beriah), are called Seraphim. The angles of the world of יצירה, Formation (Yetzirah) are called Chayot (Holy Creatures). The angels of the world of עשיה, Action (Asiyah) are called Ophanim (Wheels).

The sacred letters of the Hebrew are vessels that receive their light from the Nikkud, which is the Hebrew vowels. Literally it means ‘dotting’. When we add the Nikked to the letter, it is like bringing life to an empty vessel and animate it.

The light comes down from the world of Atzilut אצילות through the worlds of Beriah בריאה and Yetzirah יצירה to the world of Action עשיה, Malchut where the Ophanim (wheels) move everything in existence. From the electrons around the nucleus of the atom, the Hebrew letters, the solar system, and everything else in the universe.

The light that comes to the letters has four types,

Teamin – Atzilut – Cantilation marks that is used when reading the Torah
Nekudot – Beriah – Gives the soul on the letters
Tagin – Yetzirah – The higher form of the vessel as it is scribed in the Torah
Otiot – Asiah – The basic shape/vessel of the letter.

Each level receives from the one that is higher than itself. The Ophanim receive from the Chayot and Seraphim in order to manifest in the lower world.

Zechariah 4:10
“עֵינֵי יְהוָה, הֵמָּה מְשׁוֹטְטִים בְּכָל-הָאָרֶץ”
“…the eyes of YHVH, that run to and from through the whole earth.”

The ‘eyes of YHVH’ is the aspect of the Nekudot, ‘dots’ that animate the letters. Without them the letter has no ‘life’ or meaning because each letter could have any of the possible Nikkud.

Man is one of the Holy Creatures of the Holy Throne. He is the channel for the other three, Lion, Ox and Eagle to the world of Malchut. Each of the creatures has aspect of the YHV in the following form.

It has 15 ‘eyes’ and together 45 eyes, as the expanded YHVH name of Zeir Anpin (מ”ה).

The YHVH letters are built from connected ‘eyes’

In the full form of the name we have 24 eyes in each name and all together 72 eyes.

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