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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -952
Hebrew translation:

Sorry Hebrew translation is missing from my original files.


Tikkun 70 – 55

The four Holy Creatures are the aspects of Chessed (Lion), Gevurah (Ox), Tiferet (Eagle) and Malchut (man).

Above them is the Supernal Mother, Binah that governs and nurses them as her children.

The Nikkud that comes from Binah receives its light from Chokmah before going down to the vessels of Malchut. The Te’amim come from Chokmah and they receive their light from Keter.

Keter includes three lights from the Endless that establish roots for Chokmah, Binah and Da’at. They bring the aspect of soul and life force into the body of the letters.

The eye ball has seven layers, like onion layers, to represent the seven Sefirot. Above them the eye lids with their ‘lips’ and hair that protect the eye.

The four colors of the eyes represent the faces of the Holy Creatures and the aspect of the YHVH name. The two eye lids and the two lips represent the ‘wings’ of the Holy Creatures and the aspect of the name ADNY.

Above the eyes we have the name of the supernal mother, Binah, אהיה, AHYH that protects the ‘children’ below.

The details may be confusing at first but what the Zohar is teaching us here in the frame of the PFR study is to look at the flow and hierarchy of lights. Keter ‘pushes’ down the light from the Endless to Chokmah and Binah and that is reflected from the eyes. Looking into the eyes and determining their ‘true’ colors will tell us the level of the person’s connection to the upper levels. The eye lids can tell us about the power of the person to express his inner light in this world.