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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -961
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 66

People of the red color type are usually from the other side (negative). Their body type is average, like between water and fire. They are controlled by the planet Mars, מאדים whose name means ‘make red’. These people are easy to ‘spill blood’ and we should watch out from them.

The ‘water’ type is wet and cold but the red is the element of ‘air’ and carries the water and fire that is wet and warm. The red can be playful in the negative sense of following sexual desires. He can spill your blood and take your money and easily spend it.

The ‘Black’ type is ‘earth’, cold and dry, bitter and sad. He is cheap and hardly spends his money.

The positive side of the ‘white’ is that he is nourished from Chokmah, wisdom and the right column. His whiteness comes from of a pure brain. The positive ‘red’ is from the aspect of Binah, left column and the heart that feeds pure energy into the red blood.

The positive ‘green’ has the attributes of the central column and speaks truth.

The Y of the YHVH name is ‘dressed’ with the ‘white’ and Chokmah, wisdom of the Torah.
The H is ‘dressed’ with the ‘red’ and Binah, awe in the heart.
The V is ‘dressed’ in the ‘green’ and Zeir Anpin, with truth speaking and Chokmah and Binah in he heart.
The H is ‘dressed’ in the black of Yessod and blue of Malchut, following the ways of the light.