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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -987
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 70 – 93

Psalms 22:21
“הַצִּילָה מֵחֶרֶב נַפְשִׁי; מִיַּד-כֶּלֶב, יְחִידָתִי. ”
“Deliver my soul from the sword; mine only one from the power of the dog. ”

King David asked God to save him from sins and from falling into reincarnating into a body from the other side.
The dog is the snake that pulls us with lies and deceit to do sins. After death, our actions determine the shape of our body.
The souls may come from the 12 good and pure roots of the Zodiac that are the 12 sons of Jacob who is Israel or come from the negative side of the Zodiac.
Every incarnation is planned to challenge the soul to overcome its previous ‘flaws’.

When the challenges in life are big and hard, the great rewards await for overcoming those challenges.
The date of birth of a person determines the energies and challenges he will have in his life. His soul will be expressed on his face in combination with the Tikkun process planned for it.
Many human faces resemble animal shapes or reflect an energy of animals that are in the Zodiac or from the blessings that Jacob gave his sons. See Genesis 49.