We are in the month of Elul (Virgo) that is the best month of the year from the aspect of spiritual cleansing. The two days of Rosh Hashanah are days of Judgment. The supreme judge evaluates our past and future to determine what kind of year we should have in order to elevate spiritually. Would it be a hard or soft Tikkun process? Will we have the energy to go through the year easily or with difficulties?

A proper preparation is to engage in soul cleansing process and set good spiritual goals for the coming year. On Rosh Hashanah we can ask for fulfillment of one of three things; spiritual growth, righteous children and sustenance.

Women who have difficulties conceiving have the best opportunity on Rosh Hashanah. Pure vessel and great desire for a child would be a great support in having their prayers answered.

Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Lea were blessed on Rosh Hashanah to have children. (source: Midrash Tanchuma)
The name of Rabbi Shimon’s mother was Sarah. She was barren for many years and her husband with heavy heart was considering divorcing her in order to fulfill the precept of “be fruitful…”. She prayed, fasted and cried before God to bless her with a child. On Rosh Hashanah, Yochai, her husband had a dream that was interpreted by Rabbi Akiva. He said that Sarah will have a child who will bring light to the nation of Israel with his wisdom and actions. That child was Rabbi Shimon.
מספר ‘נחלת אבות
From this story we learn that we should build great vessel and desire by putting a lot of efforts into it. Only then we can receive the light to fulfill our non-selfish desires.

The judge will consider our wishes but we must be cleansed on the soul level. We should appear in court as a virgin that is the symbol of this month because she has a pure vessel. On the 25th of this month God created the world from the purity of the Endless Light.

The tool for achieving this state as recommended by the Kabbalists is reading the entire book of “Tikunei HaZohar”. This book has 70 ‘corrections’ that provide the highest level of connection to the Shechina. Rabbi Shimon wrote it while studying in a cave with his son, Rabbi Elazar, Moses, ‘The Faithful Shepherd’ and Elijah for 12 years.

It is recommended that each one completes the reading of the entire Tikunei Zohar through the 40 days from the first day of Elul until Yom Kippur. It is the 40th day and the time we receive 5 spiritual meals to support the work for the coming year. With a pure and large vessel we can have more of this light.

I prepared for you a special page for reading of Tikunei Zohar in unity. It is similar to the Unity Zohar but includes only the Tikunei Zohar book. Even if you join one cycle of reading you have the merit of reading the entire book. The book has 1918 paragraphs so even if you spend just one minute a day reading few paragraphs you achieve a complete reading cycle. Keep coming daily and we can all make hundreds of reading cycles.

This is the ultimate Unity and ‘Arvut’ that Rabbi Ashlag was talking about. We will all read form the same book again and again. Sharing the reading with people from all parts of the world creates amazing light that spreads beyond our personal lives and affect the world.

The book of Tikunei Zohar is not available in the English Zohar. The original Zohar Hasulam in Hebrew has most of it. Last year I sent several hundreds of Tikunei Zohar for free to people, but none left to send now.

The best place to access the entire book is the link at the bottom of this page:

Before you go there, close your eyes for a moment and imagine people from all over the world reading from the same book as you. The physical distance is an illusion because the internet is running in the speed of light and we use it to spread the Light.

Please share this link to increase your benefits from reading the Tikunei Zohar. The more you read and the more you share, it will add to you and all of us. When one candle lights another candle, all candles enjoy greater light.

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With Love and Blessings to all